CPTED Security Survey

What is Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design?

“...a crime prevention philosophy based on the theory that proper design and effective use of the built environment can lead to a reduction in the fear and incidence of crime, as well as an improvement in the quality of life.”

  •  Source: National Crime Prevention Institute

CPTED works by decreasing a criminal’s ability to commit crime. It also increases the chances that a legitimate resident will see and report the crime as it occurs. CPTED goes beyond traditional security methods by naturally integrating security measures into the community.

CPTED impacts each citizen by increasing safety, promoting secure environments and improving the appearance of neighborhoods and public amenities.


The Fayetteville Police Department offers the following CPTED services to all residents:

Security Surveys

Residential and commercial surveys can be conducted to make your living and workplaces more secure and safe for families, employees, and customers. Each location has specific security and design considerations that are unique.

The following items are evaluated during a CPTED survey:

  • Access control
  • Lighting, and natural surveillance
  • Territorial reinforcement
  • Maintenance

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