Trail Construction Program


The City of Fayetteville has a unique trails construction program geared to design and construct trails as cost efficiently and quickly as possible by performing design, property acquisition and construction in-house utilizing primarily Public Works Department staff. The city trails coordinator oversees the trails construction program through the Engineering Division with support from the city surveyors, land agents and engineers. When the trail is designed and the necessary property is acquired, the 9-member city trails construction crew builds the trail as part of the Transportation Division. Once the trail is complete, the Parks and Recreation Department oversees the maintenance and event programming of completed trails. For information and maps of existing trails please visit the Trails page.

Active Transportation Plan

The Active Transportation Plan (ATP) endeavors to develop and promote an interconnected and universally accessible network of sidewalks, trails, and on-street bicycle facilities that encourage citizens to use active/non-motorized modes of transportation to safely and efficiently reach any destination.

Active Transportation Plan Document (PDF)

The Active Transportation Map illustrates the locations of existing and future shared-use paved trails and on-street bicycle facilities.

Active Transportation Plan (ATP) Map

Current Trail Construction Projects

Hamestring Creek Trail Bridge - 2019 Bond Project

Update: Complete

Hamestring Creek Trail Bridge

This 750 linear foot trail will provide a critical connection across Hamestring Creek for numerous neighborhoods in the area. By using the low volume comfortable street network, people will be able to access the Razorback Greenway via the Meadow Valley Trail and Centennial Park via Salem Rd.

Hamestring Creek Bikeway along the Razorback Greenway trail

Tsa La Gi Trail - Razorback Road Connection - 2019 Bond Project

Update: Complete

This project includes the last section of trail to create a five mile continuous trail loop. The project includes construction of 1/4 mile of new trail and a pedestrian hybrid beacon across Razorback Road. 

Tsa La Gi Trail

New trail crossing at Razorback Road across from the Marshall apartment complex

Lake Fayetteville Trail Replacement - 1/3 Mile across the dam

Update: Complete

In 2004, the first section of the Lake Fayetteville paved trail opened to the public and connected Veterans Park on the south side of the lake across spillway bridge and dam to tie to the marina and softball on the north side of the dam. In subsequent phases over the next nine years, the 5.5-mile paved loop trail around Lake Fayetteville was completed in 2013. In 2015, the section of the Lake Fayetteville paved trail across the dam and north along the disc golf course to the north City limit line was designated as part of the Razorback Greenway.

The 1/3-mile section of trail across the dam is now 17 years old and much of the asphalt pavement is in poor condition. Usage counts from this section of trail in the spring of 2019 showed an average of 1,376 users per day or 41,280 users per month. An intercept survey from the same period showed that 43% of the users were on bike, 40% were walking and 13% were running. This section of the Razorback Greenway is the highest used in our system and is in need of improvements.

A grant through the Arkansas Department of Transportation Recreational Trails Program will provide $150,000 in funding for this project.

Family of three riding bikes along the Razorback Greenway trail across the Lake Fayetteville shore

Rupple Road Trail (Wedington to Mt. Comfort) - 1/2 mile

Update: Complete.

Currently the Rupple Road Trail extends 2.83 miles from MLK Jr. Blvd (Hwy 62) north just beyond Wedington Dr. (Hwy 16) then picks back up just south of Mt. Comfort and extends north to Weir Road.  

There is a 1/2 mile gap in this trail between Wedington Dr. and Mt. Comfort Rd. that will be filled with a 12 foot concrete shared use trail with this project.  


Old Farmington Trail (Dinsmore to Old Farmington) - 950 Linear Feet


This is a 950 linear foot section of 10 foot wide concrete trail that will connect from Dinsmore Trail to Old Farmington.  This project was proposed by the Active Transportation Advisory Committee as a fill in project while we prepare to begin construction on the Mission Blvd. Trail. 

GIS Map of Old Farmington Trail

Mission Blvd. Trail (Viewpoint to Maple) - 1.5 Miles

Under Construction through 2024 and into 2025

Mission Boulevard (Highway 45) is an important active transportation connection for the east side of Fayetteville. In 2015, the City in-house construction crew built a ½ mile section of 12-foot-wide shared use paved trail from the Mission Heights neighborhood to Viewpoint Dr. In 2019, a shared use paved trail and cycle track was completed along Old Wire Road from Mission Blvd. to Gulley Park and in 2020, the Niokaska Creek Trail was completed making the connection.  

The goal of the Mission Blvd. Trail and Street Improvements Project is to connect these two projects and extend a safe and comfortable route for bicycles and pedestrians along Mission Blvd from Viewpoint Dr. to Maple Street where on-street routes connect to downtown and the Razorback Greenway. This 1.5-mile corridor will include a 12-foot-wide shared use paved trail with green space separation with trees, lighting, curb and storm drainage with a focus on bike and pedestrian safety. This project is identified as a priority in the Active Transportation Master Plan and as a catalyst project in the Northwest Arkansas Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan.