Master Street Plan

The Master Street Plan is a policy document to help guide decisions regarding location, form, function, design, and classifications of streets. The Plan considers infrastructure and anticipates where new building developments might occur to plan for possible street connections and capital expenditures. Existing and projected conditions, such as population growth, economic conditions, land use, natural and cultural resources, etc. are taken into consideration to imagine what a city might look like decades in the future. Master Street Plans include maps and designs – showing the location of current and suggested future streets, as well as potential designs of a roadway.

Illustration of Street

In Feb. 2020, the Fayetteville City Council adopted City Plan 2040 which includes an updated Master Street Transportation Plan. Learn more at

Prior to this In 2011, the Fayetteville City Council adopted City Plan 2030, which includes a Master Transportation Plan accompanied by a Master Street Plan. The adopted plan shows designs with detailed dimensions for new construction/renovation of streets, sidewalks, bike lanes, street trees, green space, and more. These planning documents are used to guide current decisions that have long range impact.

  • City Plan 2030's Master Transportation Plan with Street Designs (PDF)
  • City Plan 2030's Master Street Plan Map 2011 Adopted Version (PDF)
  • City Plan 2030's Master Street Plan Map Working Version (Interactive)

The Fayetteville Mobility Planning Process

Elected officials, staff, experts, stakeholders, and residents of the Fayetteville community are reviewing master plans – including city, transportation, street, and trails – to ensure we are on track with priorities, funding, and rapid technology changes.

The City invites its business owners and residents to actively participate in planning for Fayetteville's future:

  • Community outreach for the Fayetteville Mobility Plan, the City's newest Transportation Master Plan, began in 2016. The latest documents and presentations of this plan can be viewed at