City Plan 2040

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The City of Fayetteville adopted its first comprehensive plan in 1970. The plan, and all of its subsequent updates and revisions seek to establish a framework of goals, policies, and guidelines to direct future physical, economic, and social development. The plan has been updated many times over the years, most recently in July 2011. 

The current plan, City Plan 2030, has six goals, which seek to revitalize and encourage growth in appropriate areas of the City where residents can readily access housing, services, employment, and leisure. In doing so, the city can accommodate a diversity of new residents while at the same time limiting the costs of extending infrastructure into newly-developed areas. With the population of Washington County forecast to to reach more than 500,000 by 2050 (from approximately 240,000 today), Fayetteville will continue to grow. The decisions made between now and then will greatly affect how the City develops and the day-to-day life of every resident.

Public Input

As a part of the City's update to the current comprehensive plan, the City is conducting a survey and several public input sessions to evaluate progress toward these goals by understanding your experience as a resident. Please check back soon for upcoming input sessions and a link to the online survey. 

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