Volunteer Program

Volunteers are the heart of our programs!  Race events, recreational leagues, after school programs, and the health and beauty of the spaces where these things take place all depend on our amazing community volunteers.

Check out the following opportunities for ways to engage and assist your community!

Group photo of children volunteering at Temple Shalom Scull Creek clean up

Types of Volunteer Opportunities

Recreation Events and Races 

Interested in helping referee soccer, or checking in runners at a race?  Event-based volunteer opportunities such as these are listed on the City of Fayetteville's Givepulse page. Here you can also find a number of groups and opportunities geared toward University students. For more information about how to help with these events please send us a message.

Stewardship Volunteering

Fayetteville currently takes care of 50 parks and 52 miles of trail, and those numbers are growing every year!  It takes a mighty crew of dedicated volunteers to help steward these community spaces, and we would love to have you join us!

Youth Programs at the Yvonne Richardson Center

The Yvonne Richardson Center often needs volunteers to assist with after-school and recreation programs for youth: Yvonne Richardson Center volunteer page.

Sign Up to Be Notified of Future Opportunities

To view upcoming volunteer opportunities or subscribe to email and text notifications, visit the City's Calendar.

To view: Go to "Select A Calendar" and check the "Volunteer Opportunities" box.  
To sign up: Click "notify me" and select "Volunteer Opportunities"  to be notified when they happen.


Contact us at parksvolunteer@fayetteville-ar.gov