Community Education

The Fayetteville Fire Department is committed to providing the community with fire and life safety education. The Department's goal is to reduce the loss of life and property with a wide range of programs and services. These programs are designed to promote fire safety behavior for children, adults, and seniors. The following are some of the programs that are administered free of charge to the citizens of Fayetteville by the Fayetteville Fire Department and the Fayetteville Fire Prevention Bureau.

Request a Station Tour or a Fire Truck for a Special Events via online form. You may also contact the Fire Prevention Bureau by phone at 479-444-3448 or email Jeremy Ashley. Please provide two weeks advance notice to schedule an event.

Fire Station Tours

Visit your local fire station! See where the firefighters work and live during their shift. Tours include age-appropriate fire safety education, viewing the fire engines and firefighting equipment, and talking to the firefighters. Tours also watch the firefighters dress in their turnout gear and demonstrate how they enter a home for a rescue or to fight a fire. Fire Station #1 is the most popular station because of the variety of apparatus it has, as well as a fire pole, but tours can be arranged for a fire station that is closer to your area, as well. 

Your group or organization can tour Fire Department facilities any day between 9:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. Educational and promotional materials are provided. Please keep in mind, stations are "live" and must respond to an emergency if called. If firefighters are not in the station at the scheduled time, please wait for about 15 minutes. If the firefighters do not return within that time, please call to reschedule.

Preschool Program: On-Site Visit and Fire Safety Lessons

Firefighters and a fire truck can visit preschool facilities between 9:00 am and 5:30 pm. Children can tour inside a fire engine and view a firefighter dressing up in their turnout gear. Age-appropriate fire safety lessons are given, such as what to do when a smoke detector goes off. Fire safety messages like "Stop, Drop & Roll," "Crawl Low and Go," and "Call 911" are discussed. Educational and promotional materials are provided to each student.

Fayetteville Schools: Fire Safety Education

The Fayetteville Fire Prevention Bureau operates the Fayetteville Public School District's Fire Marshal Program and partners to provide fire safety education throughout the school year to children, teachers, and staff. During the month of October, when Fire Prevention Week is celebrated, the Fayetteville Fire Safety Trailer makes a visit to every school that houses grades kindergarten through third grade. Additionally, Fayetteville Fire Marshals conduct two required Fire Safety Inspections per school year at each school.

Fayetteville Fire Marshal Program

At the beginning of the school year, Principals of each school in the City of Fayetteville choose (however they want, via contest, good behavior, etc.) 5-10 students to become School Fire Marshals. This is a special honor; the chosen students attend School Fire Marshal Training at Fire Station #1. 

The program includes meeting the Fayetteville Fire Chief and Chief Fire Marshal, an interactive presentation on the importance and responsibilities of a School Fire Marshal, and simple fire safety tips to apply at home. Training concludes with a tour of the fire station and fire apparatus, yummy snacks, and a School Fire Marshal t-shirt to wear when students are on duty at their schools.

Fayetteville Fire Safety Trailer

The Fire Safety Trailer is a mock version of a private home equipped with stove, microwave oven, fire place, heated door, smoke detectors, and theatrical smoke. Fire safety prevention is discussed in the front section of the trailer. The back section, which is a mock bedroom, simulates real-life fire conditions, with a heated door and theatrical smoke. When smoke detectors sound, participants can practice the correct way to evacuate a building: get low and go, feel the door, and move to another exit if hot. Once outside, participants meet at a designated meeting place. The Fire Safety Trailer is for all participants, of all ages, and is especially suited for children and families. Participants experience the importance of having a fire escape plan and learn to practice it often. The Fire Safety Trailer is used at schools and large community events.

Adult Fire Safety Education for Businesses, Civic Groups, Organizations

Fire safety education presentations can be given to Fayetteville businesses, of any kind, with adult audiences.
This program, offered by the Fayetteville Fire Prevention Bureau, is designed to provide information for on-the-job fire safety practices. Topics include evacuation procedures, electrical safety, maintaining exits and stairway clearances, home fire safety, and fire extinguisher training. The presentation is free to any interested business or civic group. A presentation session can run from thirty minutes to one hour.

Fire Extinguisher Training

The Fayetteville Fire Prevention Bureau offers a hands-on training program using the BullEx Digital Fire Extinguisher Training system. This unique system allows participants to learn the proper use of a fire extinguisher using a special compressed-air portable fire extinguisher. The environmentally clean training can take place indoors during any time of the year at no cost to business owners or organizations. Watch this video How to Use a Fire Extinguisher.

Smoke Detector Program

smoke detectorThe Fayetteville Fire Department applies for grants to receive smoke detectors to ensure that every residence in the City of Fayetteville has an operating smoke detector. A smoke detector provides the first warning sign of a possible fire in the home. It is important to maintain smoke detectors by testing monthly and changing the batteries every six months. Coordinating changing the battery with the spring and fall Daylight Savings Time changes is a good reminder.

 If your household is in need of a working smoke detector then fill out this Smoke Detector Request form and a representative of the Fire Department will contact you to schedule a time and date for installation. This easy-to-follow video shows how to replace a smoke detector on your own.

Home Safety Evaluation Program

The Fayetteville Fire Prevention Bureau provides Home Safety Evaluations for Fayetteville residents. The visit is free and the fire safety information is invaluable. Protecting family from fire requires advance planning. The Home Safety Evaluation visit helps provide the information to create a fire-safe environment. Benefits include checking/replacing smoke detector(s), making and reviewing a fire escape plan, identifying kitchen hazards, learning proper use of electrical wiring, and proper storage of flammable liquids. Some resources:

Youth Fire Intervention Taskforce (YFIT)

The mission of the Youth Fire Intervention Taskforce is to provide youth fire prevention through family fire safety education. The mission is accomplished with monthly meetings that include representatives from city and county fire departments, law enforcement agencies, child advocacy centers, mental health agencies, school representatives, the Washington County Juvenile Court & Detention Center, Washington County Children and Family Services, and more. Anyone who works with children can be a part of this group. The Taskforce is out to stamp out juvenile fire setting! Juvenile fire starting is not a Fire Department problem - it is a community problem.

In the past, a youth fire setter would receive individual fire safety education from the local fire department. The Taskforce realized this was not enough - the entire family of the fire setter needs fire safety education. From this idea, the Family Fire Safety Academy (FFSA) was developed.

If you are aware of a family with a potential fire setter who would like to receive free fire safety education and information, or if you would like the Taskforce to provide a presentation about the program to your staff, please contact any representative from the list below. The Youth Fire Intervention Taskforce wants to help you!

Contact Information

  • Captain Jeremy Ashley, Fayetteville Fire and Life Safety Specialist: 479-718-7620

  • Captain Dave Kissinger, Springdale Public Education: 479-751-4510

  • Tyler McCartney, Washington County Fire Marshal: 479-444-5740