Changes to miscellaneous billing! 

The City of Fayetteville recently updated its miscellaneous billing online payment system. Learn more about miscellaneous billing and how to create a new online account. 

Transaction Tips:

  • MasterCard and Visa are accepted for online e-payments.
  • E-checks are accepted for utility bill payments.
  • There are no additional charges to pay online.
  • Credit card information is not saved. You will need to have valid credit card information for each payment you make.
  • Partial payments are accepted on invoices with multiple line items.
  • All single-line item invoices must be paid in full.
  • After a payment has been made, you will receive a confirmation email. Please ensure that you enter a preferred email address when creating your account.
  • You may always visit the online billing system history page to review past payments.
  • You must have a payable amount due before you can make a payment. Pre-payments are not accepted.
  • Automated payment reminders are available for utility billing.
  • Customers with a valid invoice account number and a valid payable invoice can add an invoiced account online.
  • There are a select few customer invoice accounts that cannot be paid online via credit card. These are:
    • Court order restitution
    • Contract customers
    • Solid waste franchise holders
    • Recycling commodity buyers
    • Retired employee insurance co-payments
    • Parks / development services fees
    • Major parking lot lease customers