Pay-As-You-Throw Trash Cart Program

Fayetteville has successfully operated a Pay-As-You-Throw (PAYT) Automated Residential Cart Program for trash since March of 2003. PAYT breaks with tradition by treating trash service just like electricity, gas, and other utilities. Households pay a graduated rate depending on the volume of trash they dispose. This program is designed to encourage participation and diversion through the curbside recycling program.

The residential program provides waste collection to approximately 21,200 residences in Fayetteville. Residential collection routes are serviced Monday through Thursday. Once collected, all of the waste is disposed of at the city's Transfer Station located in southeast Fayetteville and then transported to the Eco Vista Tontitown Landfill for disposal.
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Cart Program - 3 Sizes

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Be Prepared

Residential routes for collection of trash, recycling and yard waste begin at 5 a.m. Please have your trash carts, recycling bins, and yard waste out to the curb by these times. It is best to place your bins and carts out the night before to ensure pick up. Please allow 3 feet around the trash carts for collection by the automated truck.

Extra Charge - Important

The city charges a $6.26 extra bag charge for any trash outside of the cart on collection days. Each resident receives 4 virtual stickers that are assigned to the water meter account each year to use with the program. Any bags outside the cart will be picked up and counted towards the four free bags.

Make Sure Your Lid is Closed!

Very important! Please read! Please make sure your lid is completely shut to avoid any charges. If a lid on a cart is open, even an inch, and bags are visible, a charge of $6.26 per bag will occur.

Cart Sizes

32 Gallons

The 32 gallon cart is for residences that only produce 1 32-gallon bag of trash or less per week. If a residence averages more than 1 32-gallon bag even occasionally then this cart will be too small for their use.
  • The cost per month for this container is $9.47.

64 Gallons

The 64 gallon cart is designed for the residence that produces 2 32-gallon bags or less of trash per week. If a residence averages more than 2 bags a week even occasionally then this container will be too small for their use.
  • The cost per month for this container is $14.46

96 Gallons

The 96 gallon cart is designed for residences that produce 3 32-gallon bags of trash or less per week. This is the largest size of trash cart available to residents. If a residence averages more than 3 bags of trash per week then additional trash carts may be ordered to accommodate the extra trash.

Please recycle as much of your waste as possible through our curbside recycling program to avoid having more than 96 gallons of trash per week. The cost per month of this container is $20.52.


See how much money you can save, and how much trash you can keep out of the landfill by downsizing your trash cart:

Going to a smaller cart is free of charge, recycling bins will help you reduce your volume.
Going up in cart volume, customers will incur a one time $20.00 upgrade fee.

You may change cart sizes at any time, but must wait 30 days between orders.
Carts are exchanged on your next service day.

If you are interested in saving money by switching to a smaller cart please contact the Recycling and Trash Collections office.

32 Gallon Cart
64 Gallon Cart
96 Gallon Cart
Downsize Your Trash Cart
Your Yearly Savings
Less Gallons You Send to Landfill
Large to Small
$132.60 768
Large to Medium
$72.72 384
Medium to Small
$59.88 384