Community Resources Division

The Community Resources Division consists of the Code Compliance, Community Development, and Animal Services Programs. We are here helping to build a better community.


Code Compliance Program
The City of Fayetteville is committed to preserve and protect the safety and welfare of its citizens. The Code Compliance Program works to resolve code violations in the City related to unsightly or unsanitary conditions, improper storage of vehicles, and unsafe or unsecured buildings.

Community Development Program
The Community Development Program is designed to strengthen the physical, social, and economic conditions of the City in an effort to make it a more healthful, prosperous, and gratifying place to live. This includes the administration of Community Development Block Grant Program, which consists of the Housing Rehabilitation, Redevelopment, Transportation, and Subrecipient Grant programs.

Animal Services Program
The Animal Services Program operates the Fayetteville Animal Shelter and provides public education, adoption, rescues, and 24-hour emergency service for animals in the City.