Upper Scull Creek Drainage Improvement Project

The City of Fayetteville has completed construction on the Upper Scull Creek Drainage Improvement Project. The project consisted of constructing a new box culvert from the west side of Walnut Ave. just north of Gunter St. and extending south to Maple Street, and then east to Olive Ave. and to the drainage channel just south of Maple Street. This culvert was installed in the street for much of the system and directly behind the existing curb for the remainder. The project will alleviate flooding in the area, and will abandon an old storm sewer system that currently runs across private property, and under houses.

Crossland Heavy Contractors was the low bidder and was awarded the contract for construction of the project in the amount of $1,014,576.50. The contract began in May 2015 and was allotted approximately 12 months for the contractor to complete the project.
For further details, the construction drawings can be accessed by clicking the following link:
Upper Scull Creek Drainage Improvement Plans (PDF)

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Engineering Division.