Neighborhood Watch Program

Know Your Neighbors & Report Suspicious Activity

The basic idea is for neighbors to watch out for each other. By looking after a neighbor’s property as if it were your own, you will more likely contact the police if you observe something suspicious. Citizens act as extra "eyes and ears" for the police department so that calls to the police will be made when criminal activity is suspected. An alert and cooperative neighborhood is the greatest single defense against crime. By getting to know your neighbors and their vehicles, you will most likely be alert to suspicious people, vehicles, and/or sounds that could indicate criminal activity.

The Community Policing Division of the Fayetteville Police Department will help you organize a Neighborhood Watch Area. Once the area is organized, officers will send bulletins to Neighborhood Watch Areas on an as-needed basis. This information is sent regarding crimes of a serious nature, or when a suspect’s description is available. This information, coupled with the two basic principles of Neighborhood Watch, can help citizens become a part of reducing the overall crime rate in their neighborhoods.

For additional information regarding the Neighborhood Watch Program or about starting a watch in your area, you can contact the Fayetteville Police Department’s Community Policing Division at 479-587-3580.