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There are lots of ways to make your home life more sustainable. One of the best ways to get started is to contact your utility company. Many utility companies across the country are providing financial incentives for making energy efficient changes to your home. The following tabs provide links to incentive information related to AEP-SWEPCO Electric, Ozark Electric and Source Gas.  

SWEPCO's Residential Energy Efficiency Program offers rebates for the quality installation of eligible products and services that improve the energy efficiency and comfort of the existing homes of SWEPCO residential customers. These rebates are designed to reduce the initial costs associated with energy-efficient home improvements. The Program also enrolls qualified contractors to provide customers with access to a network of experienced and licensed contractors to perform installations and energy efficiency services.
The resources listed below will provide you with sustainable options to apply in your home.
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Naturalistic Landscape Ordinance
The City of Fayetteville promotes the installation and maintenance of naturalistic landscapes because they reduce maintenance, conserve water, soil and other elements of the natural ecosystem and often eliminate the need or pesticides, fertilizers and other pollutants, promoting the City's overall goal of becoming increasingly sustainable.

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Energy Efficiency and Weatherization Program
The Community Resources Division is currently offering free Energy Efficiency and Weatherization Kits for qualifying low-to-moderate income residents of Fayetteville. The kits are intended to improve living conditions and reduce energy usage and cost by installing simple energy efficiency upgrades to dwellings. Each kit includes energy efficient light bulbs, caulk, weather stripping, low-flow faucets and several other essential energy saving items.

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Recycle Something! 
Americans generate 25% of the total garbage on the planet and Arkansans are well above the national average. You can make a difference by reducing waste at home and saving money in the process. The City of Fayetteville rewards people for producing less waste through its Pay-As-You-Throw and recycling programs. This website will explain how to do just that! Everything from what to look for when purchasing items at the store to using your organic waste for composting.

green yo life
Green Your Life Videos
These short videos feature Sustainability staff and are produced by the City of Fayetteville Media Services Division. ◦Discover sustainable ways to control mosquitoes and still enjoy the great outdoors ◦ Don't grab your keys when headed for work or school; grab your bicycle helmet instead! ◦ Find Green Cleaners right inside your kitchen cabinet ◦ How to have a Green Holiday Season ◦ Learn how you can enjoy the benefits of Backyard Chickens ◦ Save money by installing a Low Flow Showerhead
Remove Invasive Species and Replace with Natives!
Whether it’s supporting pollinators like bees or providing unique beauty to our region; native habitat exists for a reason. Native species use less water to survive and provide all kinds of benefits to the local ecosystem. Check out the recently created Invasive Species Educational Packet that suggests native alternatives for invasive species in Northwest Arkansas.